TheraCell Announces Delivery Of Over 25,000 Of Its Licensed Bone Fiber Grafts
Products Have Reached an Annual End Customer Sales Rate Approaching $30M

December 16, 2020 – Los Angeles, CA — TheraCell, Inc., a leading allograft solution company, today announced that over 25,000 of its licensed demineralized bone fiber products have been delivered by its licensee partners. TheraCell’s partners have seen steady double-digit quarter over quarter growth, now representing an annual end customer sales rate approaching $30M.

TheraCell has licensed the base fiber technology to AlloSource to produce and market AlloFuse® Cortical Fibers and AlloFuse® Fiber Boats, and to produce private label products to be marketed by other orthopedic companies. The technology has also been licensed to Australian Biotechnologies to produce and market AlloVance® Xpress Fibres, AlloVance® Xpress Hybrid, AlloVance® Fibre Mats and AlloVance® Fibre Boats for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

While the grafts distributed to date by TheraCell’s licensees consist only of the original base fiber products, TheraCell has also launched an expanded portfolio of unique TheraFuze DBF® graft forms, including the DBF Fiber Anchor for immediate enhanced screw fixation, DBF Fiber Bullets for delivery through a cannula in MIS cases, the DBF Fiber Wrap and the DBF Fiber Bag for graft containment, and a 3-level DBF Fiber Boat.

“The success our licensees are having is clear validation of our DBF technology. It provides a solid foundation as we continue to develop advanced bone graft solutions to facilitate surgical procedures,” said Nelson Scarborough, PhD, CSO and co-inventor of TheraCell's DBF Bone Textile technology platform.

The full offering of procedure-specific fiber graft solutions is currently available in the United States directly through TheraCell, and will soon be available in Australia and New Zealand through Australian Biotechnologies.

About TheraCell, Inc.
TheraCell is focused on the development of advanced technologies for bone and soft tissue repair and the inventor of the next-generation TheraFuze DBF® demineralized bone fiber technology. It is also in the process of bringing its novel O2ssify oxygenation technology to market that has been demonstrated to supercharge bone formation. Founded in 2008, the firm is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and maintains offices and laboratories in Littleton, MA. TheraFuze DBF®, Fiber Anchor, Fiber Bullet, Fiber Bag, Fiber Wrap and Fiber Boat are trademarks of TheraCell, Inc.

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TheraCell, Inc.

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TheraCell, Inc.